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If you could change one thing about today's television, what would it be? Layer3 TV, Inc. is a next generation cable provider spearheading a new era of home media. Do you have great technical skills? Do you want to accomplish something extraordinary? Come join us!

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Jeff Binder - Layer3 TV CEO

“ For the past four years, we have been building a next-generation cable company from the ground up. It’s a journey that has been challenging, but also fun and rewarding. And we are just getting started. ”


Jeff Binder

Lindsay Gardner - Layer3 TV Chief Content Officer
" Our subscribers want all the channels and the best integrated apps — and we have them, in stunning allHD™ and 4K. Thanks to partnerships with every programmer, Layer3 TV is adding new features and content every day. "

Lindsay Gardner

Chief Content Officer
Dave Fellow - Layer3 TV Chief Technology Officer

“It is amazing what happens when you use the latest technology and put subscribers at the center of the universe — giving them seamless control of their entertainment.”


Dave Fellows

“The service boasts an elegant design combining pay TV channels... with Internet-enabled video... Layer3 promises a much better experience for viewers.”